RxFiber produces multifilament fibers for the medical device industry. Our biomaterial engineers are experts in the application of multifilament and monofilaments fibers for medical device applications. We can help your team select material for the final medical device design. We offer biomaterial solutions, fiber selection and consult on fabric structures. The characteristics of the fiber and fabric structure have a direct relationship to the performance of the finished textile. Things to consider when selecting fiber for a medical device includes:

  • Material: Non-absorbable or absorbable
  • Strength or Tenacity
  • Number of filaments
  • Diameter of filaments (weight or denier)
  • Function of the fiber
  • Environment for the fiber
  • Post processing of the fiber
  • Biocompatibility
  • Conductivity

We can help in a variety of methods to ensure you acquire fiber to meet the design inputs for the medical device in development or production. 

We produce multifilament fiber and can resource monofilament fiber for your specific medical device requirements. RxFiber manufactures medical grade, high quality, fibers in a ISO 13485 recognized facility. Some of our manufactured fibers include the following:

  • RxFibron™ (ask about our FDA equivalent 40/27 PET)
  • RxFibron HT™ (high tenacity polyester)
  • RxFibrene™
  • RxFibresorb™

RxFiber is the leading expert in producing multifilament (fine denier, high-tenacity fibers), both absorbable and non-absorbable. We can consult on monofilament projects. RxFiber provides small custom fiber runs that can be fully integrated with your product specifications.

RxFiber can also coordinate and consult on the testing and conversion process. We have partnerships with converters that have been vetted by our engineering team. The engineering team at RxFiber works with your engineer team to first determine the best yarn and can advise on the best converting process. Our technical team are experts in weaving/knitting/braiding solutions and can provide options based on device specifications. Depending upon the type of weaving/knitting/braiding capabilities needed, RxFiber can coordinate with the converter and oversee the converting process.

RxFiber can either produce the fiber only or, if requested, coordinate and manage the production all the way through the knitting/weaving/braiding process.
RxFiber yarns are produced by expert medical device engineers that specialize in medical device textiles. RxFiber works with customers to understand their medical device needs in order to provide textile solutions that will best match the specifications required to produce reliable and verifiable products. RxFiber can replace aging yarn inventory with quality yarn in smaller quantities that meet production needs. RxFiber also provides R&D and custom runs, including smaller denier with higher tenacity.

Our product is "made in the USA."
Please call for more information on products and to discuss your custom yarn and development needs. 1-866-308-6025 x11