RxFIBRON HT (US Pat. 10,835,645)


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RxFIBRON HT ProductRevolutionize, reduce, reinvent: Introducing RxFibron HT (US Pat. 10,835,645), the next generation in high-tenacity PET fiber.

Smaller really is better. With RxFibron HT (US Pat. 10,835,645), the industry's first commercially released medical-grade high-tenacity PET fiber, medical device companies can innovate lower profile devices and be first to market with revolutionary new products.

RxFiber's newest fiber for the medical device industry exhibits advanced properties such as substantial strength, durability, thermal melt, biocompatibility, lowering product profile (smaller denier yarn) and custom sized fibers, making it an excellent alternative to UHMWPE and regular Polyester.

In an industry where physicians and engineers are looking for increasingly smaller device delivery systems for trans catheter application, medical device companies are looking for smaller and stronger fibers to make their next-generation devices. RxFibron HT (US Pat. 10,835,645) PET can be custom-made to meet the strict specifications of these low-profile, next-generation devices without compromising performance.


Benefits of RxFibron HT (US Pat. 10,835,645)

Strength and flexibility

With a tenacity of greater than 6.5, RxFibron HT (US Pat. 10,835,645) is approximately double the strength of regular PET, which allows the device manufacturer to use a smaller denier yarn to reduce device thickness in fabric or structure while maintaining the strength and flexibility.


Medical-grade compatibility

RxFibron HT (US Pat. 10,835,645) is the first commercially released, medical-grade, high-tenacity PET on the market. The innovative material integrates well with surrounding tissue making it ideal for applications such as sutures, endovascular, vascular, and orthopedics.


Custom sizes and specifications

RxFibron HT (US Pat. 10,835,645) can be custom-made to meet any device specifications.


Ease of manufacturability

RxFibron HT (US Pat. 10,835,645) exhibits great thermal melt properties that allow engineers to melt yarn ends to terminate the fabric, a characteristic not found with UHMWPE. Thermal bonding fabric ends prevents free fiber ends from coming loose, tearing the fabric or breaking off and becoming emboli. Since UHMWPE will not thermally bond, other methods of manufacturing need to be applied such as gluing, which adds additional manufacturing needs.


Device Design and Prototyping

Our experienced R&D medical device biomaterial engineers can help you design concepts and prototypes that will meet your desired device outcomes.


 RxFIBRON HT (US Pat. 10,835,645)