The Top 5 Risks of Using Industrial-Grade Yarn in Medical Devices

The use of industrial-grade yarn in medical device applications has a long history. It has been customary to use the same fiber found in t-shirts and seatbelts in medical devices. This occurred because, until now, industrial fiber was the only source available. This trend continues as some medical device manufacturers and converters use industrial-grade fibers to keep cost down or they aren’t aware that medical grade fiber suppliers, like RxFiber LLC, exist. Continue reading...

RxFiber is Developing and Engineering Medical Grade Fibers for the Medical Device Industry

RxFiber, llc located in the United Sates (Windsor, CA) launches the first manufacturer solely dedicated to developing and engineering medical grade fibers for the medical device industry. Continue reading...


Society for Biomaterials 2014

High Tenacity Polyester: RxFibron HT - The New Generation of High Performance Materials

This Dr. Martin King, Professor of Medical Textiles at NCSU presents his comparative analysis research findings on biomaterials traditionally used in medical devices as it compares to RxFiber's RxFibron HT. The research results finds RxFibron HT has superior properties and characteristics as compared to standard materials in medical devices.

Rx Fibron HT Research Society For Biomaterials 2014