Custom Fibers


RxFiber supplies medical grade fiber for medical device companies to develop next generation bio-textile products.

  1. Feasibility fiber(R&D)
  2. Custom materials
  3. Commercial, for human-use, fibers

RxFiber Case (RxFiber Prototype design and development)

Customer Need: A physician came to RxFiber requesting help to develop a next generation device, requiring a new biomaterial specification to align with their next generation application.

RxFiber's role: Our RxFiber biomaterial engineering team partnered with the physician and his engineering team to understand what they ultimately wanted the device to do. From their design inputs, RxFiber developed prototypes and material specifications to achieve their goals.

RxFiber Case (RxFiber assists engineer to select the best textile solution, including consulting regarding the best conversion options for their specific application)

Customer Need:  A medical device R&D Engineer contacted RxFiber for absorbable fiber to develop a next generation device.

RxFiber's role: Through our conversations with the engineer, RxFiber was able to offer fiber specification changes that were more suitable to the desired product outcomes. As a result, the original biomaterial design specifications provided by the engineer, were changed to incorporate RxFiber's recommendations. As a result, the product specifications were enhanced and improved the overall functionality and quality.

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